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A podcast about the pursuit of knowledge through interesting and engaging conversation, hosted by Agent Palmer. Released every other Tuesday.

Apr 5, 2022

Episode 68 features Khan who you may know from his streams or the many emotes of his which populate Twitch, his merchandise, or his coffee. We discuss all of that plus; his journey back to art, being a teacher, building a brand, streaming for selfish reasons, philosophy, consistency, and much much more.

Throughout the conversation, we discuss:

  • "I make stuff."
  • Coaching and Teaching
  • Martial Arts
  • "I like dense things..."
  • Are you your brand?
  • Streaming art
  • Khanguer Blend Coffee
  • Starting the grind
  • Jack of all trades
  • Apparel Lines
  • Developing a video game
  • Expectations
  • Price and Design
  • Time Management
  • Daily Comic
  • Recharging
  • Write it down
  • Drunken Boxing
  • The impetus of change
  • Mortality
  • Goals
  • And much more

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Music created and provided by Henno Heitur of Monkey Tongue Productions.

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