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A podcast about the pursuit of knowledge through interesting and engaging conversation, hosted by Agent Palmer. Released every other Tuesday.

Nov 28, 2023

Episode 111 features Jon Reddick owner and founder of GenX Grown Up, a small multimedia kingdom of videos, podcasts, and blogs, who is here to discuss being an independent media mogul, self-employment leaps, keeping things for yourself, and much much more...

Throughout the conversation, we discuss:

  • What do you do?
  • The jump from hobby to full-time
  • GenXGrownUp
  • Broadcasting background
  • RetroDaze Connections
  • On camera comfort
  • Promotion
  • GenXGrownUp Broadness
  • YouTube
  • Vlogging
  • Accountability
  • And much more

Mentioned and Helpful Links from This Episode

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GenXGrownUp on Patreon

GenXGrownUp's Discord Server





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You can also hear more Palmer occasionally on Our Liner Notes, a musical conversation podcast with host Chris Maier or as co-host of The Podcast Digest with Dan Lizette.

Music created and provided by Henno Heitur of Monkey Tongue Productions.

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