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A podcast about the pursuit of knowledge through interesting and engaging conversation, hosted by Agent Palmer. Released every other Tuesday.

Aug 8, 2023

Episode 103 features the sultry voice of David Cook, who you may know from his work on The Edge of The World Broadcast, but who hopes you'll know him as a movie trailer voice down the road. We discuss music and voice-over, comedy, entertainment, training and learning, inspiration, finding your sound, knowing your instrument, nuance and so much more...

Throughout the conversation, we discuss:

  • The Edge of the World Broadcast
  • "I don't do voices"
  • I started as a singer
  • Growing up geek
  • Good music is good music
  • Perfect Pitch
  • Living in a household of musicians
  • East Coast vs. West Coast club scenes
  • "I love listening to me"
  • Nuance
  • And much more

Mentioned and Helpful Links from This Episode

The Edge of the World Broadcast

David Cook's YouTube Channel

David Cook's Soundcloud

David Cook's Instagram





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Music created and provided by Henno Heitur of Monkey Tongue Productions.

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