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A podcast about the pursuit of knowledge through interesting and engaging conversation, hosted by Agent Palmer. Released every other Tuesday.

Sep 19, 2023

Episode 106 features Nicholas W Fuller, an author who is working on his next book while raising two kids, recording interviews for YouTube, and still finds time for that pesky day job. We discuss his writing process, compare our gaming stories, talk about coding, incomplete trilogies, too much media, reading on a kindle, and much much more…

Throughout the conversation, we discuss:

  • What's your process
  • Plotter v. Pantser
  • Speech to text 
  • Editing
  • The Writing Process
  • Waking Habits
  • Self-Employed
  • Our gaming stories
  • Roads not taken
  • Depreciated Syntax
  • Name of the Wind
  • Too much media
  • Incomplete trilogies
  • Kindle
  • One book at a time
  • And much more

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