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A podcast about the pursuit of knowledge through interesting and engaging conversation, hosted by Agent Palmer. Released every other Tuesday.

May 30, 2023

Episode 98 features Mikey Neumann, whom you may know from FilmJoy, Movies with Mikey, Deep Dive or perhaps his days at Gearbox and those Borderland games. We discuss creating YouTube content, informational osmosis, situational nihilism, defining art, and much much more.

Throughout the conversation, we discuss:

  • "No one knows what they're doing."
  • There is no best.
  • Situational Nihilism
  • FilmJoy - Looking for the good...
  • Everyone needs notes
  • Informational Osmosis
  • Behind the microphone
  • "Get Off the Floor"
  • Too much of a good thing
  • Career transitions
  • Being a YouTuber is stressful
  • "Fiercely millennial."
  • Taking pictures
  • What is art?
  • Ambition
  • Quality
  • And much more

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Music created and provided by Henno Heitur of Monkey Tongue Productions.

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